Maryam Hina Hasnain

Economy of Movement (part 2)


Economy of Movement (2) is part of an ongoing mixed media experiment. My practice traditionally uses tangible materials; most often textile interventions. The idea of creating work that was fleeting and no longer rooted material based was born out of circumstances of working within the confines of lock down and not having studio access. Images from paintings that were using turmeric and saffron become palimpsestic where The pigment created maps like scrawls that chart movement in the forms of migration and trade. The paintings transalate into the virtual through projections. They are projected to create portals,constantly in flux. The shapeshifting forms illuminate the facade of a Georgian building in London - the ultimate orientalist trope of a flying carpet imposes itself on the facade. This work acts as a provocation to notions of traditional and contemporary - exists through the digital whilst relying on the material. The forms in the film take on anthropomorphic qualities - they pulsate, multiple and expand - building bridges and networks.

"Through installations and assemblages of textiles, as well as digital video pieces, Maryam Hasnain conducts material investigations of transnational and cross-cultural exchange and the paradoxes of provenance and origin sources. In considering how particular craft forms, such as textiles, can be reconceived and understood in a media-saturated landscape, Hasnain reroutes the circuits of disposability and invisibility that craft traditions are so often relegated to. Drawing on the histories of the textile trade and her own experiences working and living across South and Southeast Asia and London, Hasnain considers the politics and presentation of artistic labor, often applying reflexive self-critique to her own position as an artist." - Tausif Noor, FoundWork Guest Curator, Historian & Critic


Maryam Hina Hasnain was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. She moved to Kuala Lumpur and later to London to study Fine Art. She holds a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London and an MA in Distinction in Fine Art from Chelsea College, University of Arts London. Her practice is underpinned by an interest in trade, empire, migration, borders and citizenship. These themes are explored through a variety of mediums; paintings, soundscapes, installations and textile interventions. Her studio practice extends into the realm of research, curation and collaborative practice. She is an active, founding member of 2 artist collectives; Neulinge (est. 2019) & Forum Collective (est. 2020). She has previously shown with Artlicks Weekend, London Grads Now at the Saatchi Gallery, and most recently participated as an artist and co curated a project for Late at Tate Britain x Chelsea College titled "Constructing Landscapes/ Building Worlds''. She lives & works between London and Karachi.



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